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About Dallas With Purpose

more than a business

DWP is a long-term company focused on becoming a registered nonprofit in Colorado and Texas while helping young artists develop their professional and personal portfolios with individualized help and financial aid. Our long-term goal is to distribute grant money to full-time artists needing sponsorship to start their career.

Leaf Pattern Design

Our Story

After starting my own career as an artist, I realized how little support there was for artists and how difficult it was to get help with artist statements, appraising work, and applying for representation in galleries and exhibitions.

DWP’s official nonprofit goal is to make this easier by publishing easily accessible information, providing in-person and online assistance with writing, and applying for and distributing government grant money to young artists in Colorado and Texas. 

In addition, DWP represents Salted Parks and From the Fen in our online shop, featuring mixed media art, crochet and handmade jewelry, spiritual kits, and a variety of handmade goods sourced sustainably and locally.

Meet The Team

Our Contacts

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